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The Rise of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)

It’s often been touted as the rise of a new form of education which will eventually transform the world. The MOOC is certainly transforming the way the world’s Universities are delivering their courses. What’s more they are allowing people to access world class education irrespective of their location or circumstances. Massive Open Online courses are […]

The Future Development of Online learning

It has been largely heralded that the future of education will be heavily linked with distance and online learning.  Although some people have doubted this, the evidence suggest that this transformation has already begun and is only going to speed up over the next few years. To summarise, technology is simply moving the traditional campus […]

The Exodus of Chinese Pupils to US Colleges

If you look at lots of league tables as reported in these pages, Chinese children often score very highly in certain ability related tests.  In fact they top  the tables in many such surveys and studies, so why then are so many Chinese pupils seeking to complete their education outside China.   The numbers are […]

So Does Technology Enhance the Learning Experience?

There’s no doubt that society is changing rapidly, every day another aspect of our lives moves into the digital realm.  Communicating, finances, shopping and the learning experience are all found online, often with excellent results.  But the reality is that specific skills still need to be taught, the challenge is how they can best delivered […]

Digital Learning Will Change Education Forever

How do you choose the best education for your children?  For most of us in the UK, we look around at local schools, check gradings, maybe visit and speak to a few parents – then apply to that school a year in advance.   The next five years of our children’s formative years is then […]

The Global Classroom – Soon to Be a Reality

It’s one of my favorite buzz words of the technical and education world, simply because it promises so much hope to the world.   For decades educators have been trying to use technology to change the way they teach.   In classrooms technology has improved content and the composition of the curriculum.  But it’s perhaps […]