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e-Learning in South Africa

There has been a real push in South African schools, to introduce technology and ICT into the classrooms.   The recommendations come from research that was completed over ten years ago however some of the provinces are still having trouble implementing these slightly older technology standards. The report was prepared by the publishers Via Afrika, […]

The Global Classroom – Soon to Be a Reality

It’s one of my favorite buzz words of the technical and education world, simply because it promises so much hope to the world.   For decades educators have been trying to use technology to change the way they teach.   In classrooms technology has improved content and the composition of the curriculum.  But it’s perhaps […]

A New Dawn of Education – Online

It’s sometimes easy to underestimate the impact that  the latest new online concept will have.  For most of us now, the internet is no longer new, shiny and exciting – it’s pretty much part of our everyday lives.  We shop, bank, browse and entertain ourselves online – in my house at the moment five people […]