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Australia Invests in Education

There is a battle commencing across the developed world, for a sector that has often been neglected in the economic targets of these nations – education.    Australia is at the forefront of this sector and has recently become the largest international provider of education when measured on a per capita basis.  Australia sees the […]

Canada Relaxes Citizenship Approval Process

For anyone looking for an education opportunity there’s some interesting news from the Canadian Government. It has announced some changes to current legislation allowing international students to apply for permanent residency from the USA and other countries. The changes will roll back a number of previous amendments which were made to the Canadian Immigration Act […]

Important Irish-USA Awards Announced

Alimentary Health Xilinx Ireland and Dublin City University were named the overall winners in the inaugural US-Ireland research invention awards in Dublin. Higher education associations and fifteen businesses were shortlisted for the awards, which are the American Chamber of Commerce in Ireland as well as a combined initiative involving the Royal Irish Academy. Xilinx Ireland […]

The Future Development of Online learning

It has been largely heralded that the future of education will be heavily linked with distance and online learning.  Although some people have doubted this, the evidence suggest that this transformation has already begun and is only going to speed up over the next few years. To summarise, technology is simply moving the traditional campus […]

UCAS Extended to European Universities

There’s an exciting development beginning this year, in the higher education sector for UK students.   For the very first time, six formers will be able to apply to Universities based outside the UK using the Ucas system. This is a huge change and will bring much wider choice for students across the country.  It […]

UK Education – Liberals Pledge to Eliminate Child Illiteracy

The general election in the UK is looming and unusually education has had rather a back seat when it comes to election promises so far, at least from the major parties.  Now the liberals are pushing education as one of their central ideas with a pledge to get rid of child illiteracy in the UK […]

Do Parent’s Really Owe their Kids College

Any parent knows that it can be difficult and very expensive to bring up children.    However when does a parent’s financial obligation end, well in New Jersey, certainly not until after college. The case of Caitlyn Ricci has just been decided  and  her parents were ordered to pay for their daughter’s community college education. […]

The Role of the VPN in Global Education

People have been using VPNs in the workplace for many years, primarily as a security tool.  A Virtual Private Network ensures that a company employee who is away from the office can connect back to the company network safely and securely.  In past times, this was achieved with expensive dedicated links but nowadays the VPN […]

The Benefits (and Drawbacks) of Education

Have you ever thought about what benefits you actually get from education.  Well a new study from a Canadian University has some surprising results to share.  One of their primary finding was that education gives people a sense of control. They looked at ‘mastery’ and specifically how much control people feel they have over the […]

Transforming IT Learning with a Slice of Pie

The Raspberry Pi is a very small but impressive piece of technology, in fact it’s only a little bit bigger than a debit card.  It does possess however all the basic functions of a personal computer at least when it is plugged into both a keyboard and monitor.    It’s goal however was not of […]