Do Schools Teach the Right Subjects?

Education in America has been declining steadily for the last 30 years. All studies show that kids in public schools are lagging behind their counterparts in other countries. This is a real concern and just part of the big problem with the economy and the future of the country.

It’s a difficult situation and certainly not an easy one for the students who are looking for colleges and Universities to prepare them for a role in society.  There is more choice too, an almost bewildering selection of opportunities.  Indeed from the comfort of your own home, you can fire up a high speed VPN and even take your degree online in a country on the other side of the world.

When kids graduate from high school they should either be prepared to enter college or be able to go out and find jobs for 18 year olds. Getting a higher education is preferable but not every kid is cut out for that. For those students that don’t go on to college, they need real training to be able to compete in the workforce and today’s schools aren’t helping enough with that.  There are real issues with an under educated workforce but there are similar problems with students being qualified in the wrong subjects.

There is little point for students to spend years studying a specific subject if there is no real demand for their skills when they leave.  You can of course argue that University teaches much more than the specific subject they study, yet it can be disheartening for people to discover their knowledge is not always required.  Then there is the real danger that they spend years relaxing and changing their Netflix IP (to access more films) while ‘expecting’ to walk into a job at the end of their studies.  Of course, it may never happen.

This is especially problematic now that colleges cost so much which means fewer students are able to afford them. It is a real dilemma for many students who wonder whether they should risk going into debt for that college degree or whether they should just try to get a job straight out of high school.

With little being taught in schools today about how to get a job, what will be expected of them, how to deal with a manager, and other things like that, they are ill quipped to prosper in the work force even if they are lucky enough to get hired. Public schools should start teaching what kids need: the solid basics like math, English, science, and history as well as real life job skills and information for those that might not go on to college. We have to start giving our kids better tools to deal with the real world before we turn them loose in it!