Report on Adult Learning Goals

Many of us especially as we watch our kids grow up, tend to wish we’d picked up more skills when younger.   I was watching a discussion on the Irish TV Channel, TV3 online where a adult education teacher was trying to encourage adults to come back and learn.  Incidentally you can only watch TV3 online from the Republic of Ireland unless you use this method.

Nearly two fifths (39%) of adults want to be better cooks or bakers, in accordance with a survey commissioned to found a festival of education.   Half told researchers for the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE), they’d be prepared to take a class to improve their abilities.

“This demonstrates how much we all would like to understand new things… but in addition, it reveals that individuals need help to take steps to discover where and the best way to learn.”

  • The top abilities respondents expressed an interest in obtaining additionally contained learning a language, singing and photography.
  • Playing with a musical instrument – 23%
  • Learning languages or a language – 21%
  • Dancing – 13%
  • DIY – 13%
  • Artwork – 11%
  • Horticulture – 11%

Among 25- to 34-year olds, the percentage considering taking a class within their favoured area up grew to 60%.

Learning new skills is “about individuals expressing themselves”, said David Hughes, of NIACE
Mr Hughes said the survey results demonstrated how significant it was to motivate individuals “to take the jump and go for this, whatever their degree of schooling”.

“All of the top abilities folks would like to learn most are about individuals expressing themselves, who they are, the things they stand for,” he said.
“The assurance learning those abilities brings are vital for all in life as well as in work.”

He explained the reason for the festival was to help make lifelong learning more accessible, using some have-a-go occasions in cities throughout England.

Chef Rachel Khoo said the best thing about cooking “is anyone may do it and you do not want a large space or all the latest gadgets”.
“After you have learnt the principles you will not look back.
“It is never too late to get cooking.”

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