Poor Life Skills in UK Adults

Last year the UK Government commissioned a pretty big survey called Skills for Life. The survey covered the two important skills that adults need – language and numeracy. The findings were pretty surprising and quite worrying for a modern nation.   After all we’re increasingly hearing about how humans will be not needed in the low skills employment areas being replaced by robotics.  The worry is that do we have the educational skills to ensure we are able to complete the skilled job requirements instead.

Here’s a clip from the infographic provided by the report –

As you can see the figures are quite surprising, in London for example 17% of respondents had a literacy level of a 9-11 year old. The same result was recorded for the North East, but throughout the country around 10% of Adults has a literacy level worse than a primary school child. The sample for this study was adults aged 16-65. In Maths the survey found even more worrying results in many areas, 25% of adults who took part in the survey had the mathematics skills of a 9-11 year old.

If these figures were transposed onto a national level that would mean 8 million UK citizens are lacking even basic numeracy skills. This of course will cause many problems for those involved. They will be seriously disadvantaged in careers, in health and of course as parents.  This latter role is likely to see these disadvantages in many cases passed down the generations through their children.  There’s plenty of evidence that children from these families are also likely to have educational problems too, even if their parents try to support them in these areas. For those who may find themselves with adult literacy or numeracy problems – it’s worth checking out the BBC education site.

There’s loads of online resources which can help people brush up on their skills in the basics of Maths and English. Most items are accessible internationally but some areas are restricted to UK only but you can use resources like this page to show you how to spoof your IP address and access through a UK server very easily.    One of the advantages of using these sites is that you can make a decent start learning without any sort of embarrassment or social stigma. It’s perfectly possible to brush up and improve basic literacy online using free resources from a variety of locations.

You should ensure that you use respected sources however as there is little need to pay for information and courses for lower level learning.   There is no shortage of sites which can provide information like this, however you’ll find it much easier to follow courses from qualified educators.

Further Information:

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