Machine Learning Changes Our Perception

Do machines and computers affect our lives?   It would be difficult to believe that they didn’t simply because of the huge part of our lives they play.  It’s not always obvious though of the extent to which we experience our lives through the algorithms of computers.  They now actually shape our lives and enable us to engage and interact with out friends and associates through the programs which control our digital experiences.

Education is an important part of this and the concept is known as deep learning.  The use of computers has of course already made an impact with regards to textual data.   However the same technology can look and search for matches and relevant information in other forms such as music, images, videos and even the data from sensors.

This has started now, and deep learning is slowly creeping into all areas of our lives.   Take for example your mobile phone, now smartphones have virtual assistants which are programmed to understand the spoken word.  It will develop into a more advanced computer vision of face and voice recognition and language processing features.

Build in the potential of drones, robots, self driving cars and the cloud then the ability of computers to recognize and respond to both our actions and the environment will become even more important to our everyday lives.    Yet again, these are simple applications which are only looking at the surface of these possibilities.

Algorithms will drive all this understanding, and with it will eventually become the possibilities of going one step further with the power to construct as well as react.    Those devices which follow our instructions or try to anticipate our needs, have the potential to be much more.  In learning possibilities are exciting to say the least.

Consider the rise of online learning, it’s everywhere and I’m not just talking about the big Universities.  Consider how many people are trying to fix their plumbing, rewire a lap or install something using an online video from somewhere like Youtube.

Online education is empowering and is giving access to people who have previously been excluded by circumstances or location.   It’s development will give opportunities to potentially millions of people across the world.

James Williams