Educating the Mind for the Health of the Body

Since the creation in the late 1960s of the fast food restaurant and the wave of convenience foods that followed in their wake, the health of the nation has slowly declined while its collective weight has risen. The change was relatively slow at first but in the last 20 years or so, the increase in the sheer numbers of people who had become overweight through eating a poor diet coupled with taking ever less exercise has caused great concern in the corridors of power.

Relishing the prospect of a massive profit to be had from the misfortune of the masses, the diet industry has flourished in recent years with around 70 million people resolving to lose weight each year and spending an estimated $40 billion to attempt to realize their aims. There are huge numbers of people buying diet books and working to the recipes they provide, while millions more opt for convenience diet that are delivered to their homes and take all the work out of the process. Thanks to a massive TV commercial presence, unprecedented numbers of people are dieting with Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Medifast and all the other similar companies, while millions more sign up with Weight Watchers every week.

Yet the alarming fact is that around 95 percent of those dieters will fail to attain lasting results. So they will spend even more money on chasing the elusive level of success that the celebrities who endorse many of the more popular diets appear to enjoy.

There is a solution to this major problem, but it means that people who need to lose weight will have to stop relying on diets to lose the weight for them and start educating themselves in making their own success. This will come hard for many people who have grown accustomed to blaming someone else for their shortcomings. It means taking their own life in their hands and taking action to bring about the success they so greatly desire. Where the mind leads, the body will follow and as long as people understand this truth, they can take control of their mental energies and channel them into adopting good eating habits and create for themselves a healthier lifestyle discipline.

When we take control and begin to take responsibility for our health, we can make the necessary changes to our lives that will insure long term success. When we fail to take control of our lives, we are at the mercy of the advertisers who can lead us to wherever they want to take us.