Researching Foreign Markets

Some years ago, before the age of the internet – I worked with a company who made specialised rubber hoses for cars and lorries. The company was very successful and had a selection of very lucrative contracts with European car and lorry manufacturers. However these were very fixed and the company was almost wholly reliant on a few customers.  In fact 90% of their business was dependent on just three specific customers.  There were other problems, the product was not really unique, there was quite a bit of competition and worse of all there was only a small barrier to entry.

Everything in this company screamed that it was very vulnerable to outside forces, one well funded competitor could easily put it out of business. Of course it was more than just a business – the company employed lots of people who had worked there for years. The directors knew they were vulnerable and were always looking at moving into different markets. The options were difficult though and identifying new markets always very challenging.

In the end they did move into a new market, but the costs of expanding into Japan and China almost brought the company to it’s knees. The problem was for a small company in North of England – moving into China was extremely difficult to do and very, very expensive. Setting up a satellite office, new staff, new factories and researching all the implications about exports, taxes and regulations etc.

For the modern entrepreneur this is so much easier now with the internet as mentioned in an earlier post. Even the provisional stage of market research can literally be done from the comfort of your own desk and internet connection. There are restrictions on the internet to research the Japanese market properly for instance you’ll need some knowledge of the language and a paid vpn service. This is essential as it gives you access to localised web sites, for an American doing market research in the United Kingdom – he’d need a British IP address’ for example. Most internet entrepreneurs use proxy and VPN servers to allow them to switch their online identity when required.

Business isn’t necessarily easier nowadays but there’s no doubt that there’s lots more potential for expansion now than there ever was. We are increasingly a global market with potential customers anywhere in the world.  Of course, we also have potential competitors also across the globe

Entrepreneurs – The Internet Awaits You

For anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit the internet is a huge opportunity.  For the most part it doesn’t matter where you live, what your circumstances there is an opportunity for you to start a business.  For example one of the most crippling aspects of trying to start up a business in less developed countries is the problems accessing sources of finance.  That’s not to say the the internet solves this particular problem although it does open up more information.  It simply allows businesses to start up without the extensive capital requirements required from traditional businesses.

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If you have the idea there is no real obstacle that can’t be overcome with some thought.  If you need a fancy web site but lack the skills and money to buy one,  I can guarantee that if you look hard enough you’ll find someone to help you for perhaps a stake in the business or some profit sharing arrangement.  There are lots of talented web designers eager to show off their talents with a real live business web site – give them the opportunity to enhance their portfolio!

Obviously there are problems in countries with limited infrastructure and there are logistical problems online too.  One of the difficulties is accepting and making payments from certain countries – certainly place like Nigeria with a reputation for internet scammers are often difficult places to operate an online business from.  But it needn’t stop people – you can rent servers anywhere in the world, if you want to operate from somewhere else – invest in proxies to hide your location.  I use a proxy server to allow me to watch region restricted content like the BBC using a VPN here.  There’s no reason why you can’t use the same technology to operate an internet business from Japan, Canada or Europe within reason – obviously with some limitations.

The critical idea is that the barriers to entry for most internet businesses are much smaller.  You won’t be able to create an amazon site overnight from an internet cafe but you could create a small niche online bookstore and build from that.

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Learning a New Language Using Online Resources

It’s one of the most valuable skills that a child can learn and something that is usually a priority in many schools across the world.  However because of it’s dominance, the English speaking world usually lags behind in foreign language skills.  It ‘s not uncommon to find students in a European college who are fluent in two or three languages including their own.  However it ‘s certainly the exception in a British, Australian or US college where a second language is quite a rare skill to have. It ‘s entirely understandable of course, the use of English is far and away the most widespread language in the world today.

English speakers are used to conversing in their native language wherever they may end up – from Beijing to Cuba there ‘s always someone around who can speak a little English at least.  However for the Dutch or Norwegian travelling abroad, their own language is very little help at all so they are forced to try and learn another which will inevitably be English.

So if English speaking students are not forced into learning another language out of necessity, how can we encourage them in those early years when learning a language is so much easier.  Most schools of course offer language variants, in the UK you’ll find French or German commonly taught.  However many places now offer other languages like Italian and even Japanese or Chinese.   There are practical difficulties though in simply finding enough qualified teachers for these subjects in British schools.

Now many schools are attempting to utilise digital technology to try and bridge these gaps.  Nowadays there are some incredible language resources available in multimedia formats, many of them are also available online.  There are courses with links into to resources in the native languages, you can get access to a native speaker online to help with pronunciation and specific problems. The growth of online learning is bound to have a huge effect in this area, with Universities across the world offering their language courses to students across the world instead of limiting to those in the classroom.

There are other options for example by using proxies and VPNs you can even access popular TV shows like the Simpsons dubbed into specific languages.  If you connect up via a English proxy server for example you can watch things like the BBC iPlayer from Ireland –, you can watch all your favorite shows online via a British TV channel. The world of education is going to undergo huge changes in the years to come, hopefully language skills and communication will be one of the biggest beneficiaries.

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Technology – Wired for Management

An important initiative is several years old now, Intel’s WfM (Wired for Management) main priority was to raise the level of management capabilities for all sorts of platforms including mobile, desktop and servers.  It should be noted that it was actually designed to complement not replace the Microsoft ZAWS (Zero Administration for Windows) initiative which was primarily to help administrators manage applications and operating systems.   Together the two strategies offered a complete environment and structure for deploying, planning and managing complex distributed computing environments.

Intel created WfM to define something that had long been missing for hardware management the creation of a baseline for managing requirements for instrumentation, power management, upgrades and service boot capability.   It enables the ability to centralize system management for things like audits, remote fixes, configuration and diagnostics.  It also meant that lots of these simple but essential tasks could be carried out remotely and importantly out of hours which is a major factor in minimizing downtime.

WfM also includes support for the Desktop Management INterface (DMI) which allows technical staff to diagnose, upgrade or repair a remote computer systems whilst it is being used.    This is a much more efficient method to support remote hardware than using custom remote access systems or even dialing in with residential VPN services such as this.   You can also use the system using something like WSUS to update clients remotely even when they have been powered off for the evening,

Configuration management has becoming increasingly important for a variety of reasons.   One of the most important is that the majority of most corporate networks are now directly connected to the internet.   This means that each client and piece of hardware is potentially a gateway in that network for cyber attacks, hackers and other unwanted connections.  Zero day exploits are often quickly put in to practice and networks frequently find themselves the target of huge automated attacks.

Updating clients and servers used to be a significant task and one that required a huge amount of resources.  Firstly extensive testing was needed before updates were cleared for deployment and then support staff would have to visit each client to install from a DVD or a network share.   This could take a significant amount of time for each machine and of course another employee was left inactive too whilst this work was taking place particularly if their role relied on the computer.

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Educational Control Split in Congress

In the State Board of Education there’s going to be a big change in the balance of power.  However it’s interesting that for the first time in decades, power will not be wielded by one of the two parties, instead the leadership will be split between them.

This state of affairs has resulted from the November election where the Republicans gained two extra seats on the board whilst the Democrats lost two.  Previously there has always been a majority, most recently held by the Democrats who have held the balance of power for years, but now it’s all square on the eight member board.

This of course combined with a new education secretary appointed by Donald Trump will probably make for an interesting new year.

There are problems of course, across the US. Take any state and you’ll find some real issues with education for example Illinois is well known for it’s difficulties in this sector.   There are some real highs and lows in the State particularly in those areas normally linked with money, areas where expenditure is key such as technology.  Funding is probably the core issue here and the commission appointed to reform educational funding in Illinois has sat nearly three times a month for the last few months attempting to find a solution to it’s regressive system.

The state has the biggest gap between low and high income districts and there are similar huge gaps in the educational achievements between these two groups.  The problem is that most of the solutions identified rely on billions more State funding to fill the gap, money that is simply not available.  The commission plans to complete it’s final recommendations by February in order to allow legislation to be passed during the Spring session.

The Expansion of E-Learning

The expanse of the internet onto a myriad of different devices and the huge fall in price of smart phones has meant that learning is no longer strictly limited to a classroom environment.   It’s just one but arguably one of the biggest changes that is happening in the education sector – the e-learning market will bring new opportunities to both learners and educators alike.

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The figures involved are huge but to just get an idea, one piece of research predicts that the online education market in India will grow by about 20% in the next three years.  Which means that it’s value will hit something approaching $6 billion in that single continent.

These growth figures might sound large but they are realistic, especially for a thriving economy like India.  Traditional education can be extremely expensive and in countries like India where there is huge demand but lower incomes the opportunities are much greater.  Instead of people being disadvantaged  by the lack of a formal education, online study offers the chance for people to break out of their social class and change their lives.

India is expected to have 100 million new people seeking a higher education over the next decade.  Only a proportion of these could afford to go to traditional colleges and Universities, however e-learning opens the doors to millions of other people.  Even without the prohibitive costs, there is simply insufficient physical education facilities to provide for this many new students.

Not only is there a demand for young people, India like  most countries has seen a huge increase in the culture of continuous development where individuals enhance their careers by continuing learning after college.  This creates even more of a demand and indeed commercial opportunity.

For the last few years e-learning has been used only by a few people, often you had to use these anonymous torrenting like this technique to avoid the region locks.  That is people had to hide their actual physical locations to gain access to the ‘free courses’ run by Western educational establishments.   This was presumably to restrict the numbers and trial the solutions, however Universities are now opening up these courses and many in a commercial context.

IT makes sense from both sides, students in less developed countries gain access to high quality and diverse educations. While the Universities and colleges access to lucrative income stream without the financial risks of opening up actual physical colleges as an Indian proxy in these countries.



Machine Learning Changes Our Perception

Do machines and computers affect our lives?   It would be difficult to believe that they didn’t simply because of the huge part of our lives they play.  It’s not always obvious though of the extent to which we experience our lives through the algorithms of computers.  They now actually shape our lives and enable us to engage and interact with out friends and associates through the programs which control our digital experiences.

Education is an important part of this and the concept is known as deep learning.  The use of computers has of course already made an impact with regards to textual data.   However the same technology can look and search for matches and relevant information in other forms such as music, images, videos and even the data from sensors.

This has started now, and deep learning is slowly creeping into all areas of our lives.   Take for example your mobile phone, now smartphones have virtual assistants which are programmed to understand the spoken word.  It will develop into a more advanced computer vision of face and voice recognition and language processing features.

Build in the potential of drones, robots, self driving cars and the cloud then the ability of computers to recognize and respond to both our actions and the environment will become even more important to our everyday lives.    Yet again, these are simple applications which are only looking at the surface of these possibilities.

Algorithms will drive all this understanding, and with it will eventually become the possibilities of going one step further with the power to construct as well as react.    Those devices which follow our instructions or try to anticipate our needs, have the potential to be much more.  In learning possibilities are exciting to say the least.

Consider the rise of online learning, it’s everywhere and I’m not just talking about the big Universities.  Consider how many people are trying to fix their plumbing, rewire a lap or install something using an online video from somewhere like Youtube.

Online education is empowering and is giving access to people who have previously been excluded by circumstances or location.   It’s development will give opportunities to potentially millions of people across the world.

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Case for Restorative Justice

The offender has to reestablish the price tag, or offer a type of compensation. For example, if he vandalizes a car, that person must pay for the repairs. Often he is not fully aware of all the damages that have been caused, so this confrontation aims to solve this. Additionally, offenders have to follow victims’ stories and face until the reality of what it is that they have done.

The victim plays a significant role in this procedure and usually receives some kind of restitution from the offender, whether it’s monetary, community assistance, or whatever other services they might be able to provide. He or she may have in mind what an appropriate restitution plan might entail. He or she then described how he and his neighbour had been affected. For example, he or she may provide further information in relation to the background or the impact of the offence. It is necessary to likewise concentrate on analyzing the victims of a crime because they can lead to a thriving arrest. When an actual victim of severe crime is in the room, it may have a major effect on re-offending.

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There are numerous forms of restorative justice. Restorative justice, nevertheless, is no out-of-the-box program. To be certain, restorative justice isn’t a simple fix nevertheless, is grounded in a completely different logic, philosophy, and practice. It stipulates a totally different manner of thinking about crime and victimization. This can sometimes take a significant paradigm shift for everybody involved. Especially as it really empowers students to resolve conflicts by themselves and in little groups, and it’s an increasing practice at schools across the nation.

Restorative Justice is increasing exponentially in the USA. Restorative justice looks like the absolute most efficient way to start rebuilding. Soon restorative justice could possibly be the norm instead of the exception in regards to school discipline. In this manner, it appears to fit much more with the fundamentals of evidence-based practice.

Programs employing restorative principles get the central target of addressing the requirements of victims. Today such justice programs are found around the world and are particularly useful in digital cases where there is rarely a single country’s judicial system involved. Take for existence the hypothetical case of people using a US DNS Netflix system to allow them to bypass the region locks that Netflix operates. Is there a crime? Which law applies and what rights do the customer’s have> There is a multitude of programs and ideas connected with restorative justice.

Regrettably, the feudal system of justice has a severe flaw since it devalues the very individuals who hold the secret to its daily life and regeneration. The criminal justice process is second just to the educational process in the quantity of fads and experiments that temporarily course during the expert ranks. As opposed to the individual harmed who retaliates, it’s our justice system which strikes back on the victim’s behalf.

The retributive the heart of our present system has spawned the greatest absolute and per capita incarceration speeds in the history of earth. In addition, It has been driven by means of an urge to hold offenders truly accountable. From a victims’ perspective, among the reasons the conventional unlawful justice process is inadequate is it doesn’t have authority to call upon the full array of governmental resources necessary to fulfill the requirements of victims. Second, the requirements of victims ought to be adequately addressed. Moreover, it supplies help for the offender to be able to steer clear of future offences.

Cooperative Learning Methods – Secondary Schools

Mostly learning is an individualized experience and at times pupils can feel isolated, success is usually measured against the person’s own learning targets. However there are methods which try and reduce this feeling of isolation –  collaborative learning encompasses a number of approaches to education, that might also be known as cooperative learning or  group learning. It’s a well respected procedure of getting a couple of students to work with each other in order to facilitate their learning.  For educators, it’s a worthwhile experience trying to join with some other teachers wishing to find out more about cooperative learning. Implementing full-scale cooperative learning isn’t a very simple endeavor but it can be quite straight forward in small groups.

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On the 1 hand, teachers also ought to attend conventions and workshops to find out more about CL on a normal basis. Every year, they get a chance to start afresh. Because of the vast information that can be found on the web, the teachers can implement different knowledge in their classroom rapidly, and it’s the best method to grow the teacher resources.

Cooperative Learning in some senses today differs from it’s initial conception. The process now  is more than just asking students to work together. Cooperative Learning is very beneficial for practically any student learning another language or skill. Overall, it is important because it helps to bind communication with social skills, something every student needs to develop. Cooperative Learning allows students to better their capacity to manage ideas and data in collaboration with other individuals. There are a number of Cooperative Learning approaches that are made to attain unique objectives.

Students like to choose group names since it is cool and since it gives them decision-making power. They come to school from different cultures, with different experiences, and using different learning styles (Ogbu, 1988). When students compete, they simply watch out for themselves to reach their very own academic targets, for instance, to obtain an A or maybe to pass the grade level. The students develop an extremely strong ownership for the procedure and respond exact positively to how they’re given almost complete responsibility to cope with the problem posed to them and they have significant input in their assessment. They learn to understand and appreciate different perspectives through a dialogue with their peers. Suppose you want your students create a class newsletter.

Students don’t need in order to answer the questions they pose. For instance, in mathematics, they can use data to calculate the number of people who have access to drinkable water. In addition, It helps students understand that the activity was intended for more than just entertainment. If students find it impossible to read, do not observe the significance of reading, nor enjoy reading, we don’t ignore reading. They can watch videos together, discuss the content and present newly-learned information to the rest of the class. Then, clearly, the students draw sticks to find out their grouping.

Students ought to be told what it’s they will learn and the reason it is crucial. They could not learn well without interaction with other classmates. Students have the feeling they’re `in this together,’ feeling that every member’s individual effort is not only going to help him, but the entire group. They can argue with each other and sometimes don’t get along, especially if they’re not used to working in a cooperative environment. Thus, students that are disadvantaged regarding aptitude or prior knowledge for any given domain of study may benefit from contact with students that are more skilled.

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Teaching Mathematics at Secondary Level

It’s often overlooked, but the vocabulary you use in teaching mathematics is important yet sometimes is hardly studied in teacher training colleges. There are lots of unique types of maths we use each day and teaching about them relies on being able to relay their meaning as well as all the formulas and equations. It’s important as whatever the area of work you’re employed in, everybody needs maths at some point. Mathematics is needed almost everywhere and those who master it will practically take their skills for granted. However if you don’t understand maths then you can find all  sorts of problems in today’s world, no-one can just dismiss maths and its vital importance.

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Children naturally have huge potential of learning, curiosity and brain power. Make certain you involve your child whilst making the flash cards so they can feel they’re part of the whole process. Additionally, if the youngster cannot blend in the usual classroom, a particular arrangement may also be made. Children are also taught to begin with the greatest number. In the beginning stages, the youngster must learn how to expertly grip the object which ought to be thrown. In case you have at least two children at house, it will be less difficult for you to really teach them.

So as to teach a student mathematics, first one should attempt to create the student comprehend the significance of mathematics generally. By mixing ability levels, students may work with each other to acquire a better and clearer knowledge of an idea. In This way, interested students may get in contact with you and benefit from such opportunities. Students should be provided an opportunity to learn in an environment where there isn’t any teacher dominance. It isn’t guaranteed that advance student wouldn’t make mistakes. Students that are exposed to music in schools have shown time and again they excel in regards to reasoning abilities.

Schools across the world often have trouble teaching mathematics but most are in reality making progress, but there’s still lots of work to do. In either circumstance, the teacher has the ability to pick a suitable pace and move ahead with it. Art teachers can utilize wise goals to assist them in increasing the proportion of students who can meet expectations for ink drawing, for example. For instance, Math teachers might need to consider increasing the proportion of students who have the ability to fulfill the expectations for basic algebraic principles. As such, they have to give prior attention to the characteristics of the students. Of-course teacher has a vital role in making a mathematician. Elementary teachers that are teaching English should ideally utilize bright goals focus to make sure their students can understand and utilize conjunctions by the close of the semester.

Besides that, you’re able to personally show more involvement in your child’s education. The great Article Summary It does not have to be difficult to overlook the significance of the article summary. Absence of mathematical wisdom and skill couldn’t make a guy to progress in life as it is needed in our day to day life. There’s a particular amount of private skill involved with learning how to read music or play an instrument. To begin with, it is critical to find out what study skills are essential for success.

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