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Growth of Online Learning Continues

Virtual schools are predicted to develop at an yearly rate of 12.8 percent during the subsequent four decades. Almost one thousand students currently take part in some sort of online learning, with over 25 virtual schools supplying services in a variety of states throughout the nation. Additionally, five countries require students to choose a minumum […]

Do Our Children Actively Conceal Internet Usage

There’s no doubt that the internet now plays a much bigger role in our children’s education. Most of us are familiar with the sight of our children studying at a computer instead of a book. Yet do we know how much time our children do spend looking at these screens, it’s likely we don’t. Well […]

What Books do Children’s Love?

How often do you see your children reading from a book?  For most of us parents probably not as often as we would prefer.   Of course children still read but mostly off a screen on some electronic device or other. There’s been a really interesting poll just completed by the UK Government in tandem […]

Researching Foreign Markets

Some years ago, before the age of the internet – I worked with a company who made specialised rubber hoses for cars and lorries. The company was very successful and had a selection of very lucrative contracts with European car and lorry manufacturers. However these were very fixed and the company was almost wholly reliant […]

Entrepreneurs – The Internet Awaits You

For anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit the internet is a huge opportunity.  For the most part it doesn’t matter where you live, what your circumstances there is an opportunity for you to start a business.  For example one of the most crippling aspects of trying to start up a business in less developed countries is […]

Learning a New Language Using Online Resources

It’s one of the most valuable skills that a child can learn and something that is usually a priority in many schools across the world.  However because of it’s dominance, the English speaking world usually lags behind in foreign language skills.  It ‘s not uncommon to find students in a European college who are fluent […]

Technology – Wired for Management

An important initiative is several years old now, Intel’s WfM (Wired for Management) main priority was to raise the level of management capabilities for all sorts of platforms including mobile, desktop and servers.  It should be noted that it was actually designed to complement not replace the Microsoft ZAWS (Zero Administration for Windows) initiative which […]

Machine Learning Changes Our Perception

Do machines and computers affect our lives?   It would be difficult to believe that they didn’t simply because of the huge part of our lives they play.  It’s not always obvious though of the extent to which we experience our lives through the algorithms of computers.  They now actually shape our lives and enable […]

Case for Restorative Justice

The offender has to reestablish the price tag, or offer a type of compensation. For example, if he vandalizes a car, that person must pay for the repairs. Often he is not fully aware of all the damages that have been caused, so this confrontation aims to solve this. Additionally, offenders have to follow victims’ […]

Cooperative Learning Methods – Secondary Schools

Mostly learning is an individualized experience and at times pupils can feel isolated, success is usually measured against the person’s own learning targets. However there are methods which try and reduce this feeling of isolation –  collaborative learning encompasses a number of approaches to education, that might also be known as cooperative learning or  group […]