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Addressing Early Childhood Literacy Issues

Video Transcript follows: Good afternoon everyone. And again, thank you for joining us for our colloquium presentation today. I’m Dr. Bill Fisher, I’m a member of the iSchool faculty and I’ll be our moderator for this afternoon. Our session, as you see here on this first slide, will be dealing with Early Childhood Literacy. And […]

Accessing Learning Resources

In the early days of the internet, there was virtually no restrictions or blocks on any sites.  Of course there were password protected resources and access to normally restricted systems was still limited.   Yet there was certainly no wide scale restrictions based on location or origin of the connections. Indeed the profiling of internet […]

What’s the Aim of Education?

All across the world, there are different education systems and perceptions.  Often it’s tempting to copy a ‘successful’ model perhaps from high flying Far Eastern country or a sophisticated European system.  However before any education system is implemented it’s important to focus on it’s intended goals for the population at large.  The options are now […]

Eurythmy Article Part 2

Here’s the second part of the article. Why have I never heard of eurythmy? Because it started in Europe and, like all dance companies and orchestras, needs financial support. There are big professional companies that perform all over Europe with live orchestras. The Stuttgart Eurythmy Company was asked to choreograph and perform the dance section […]

Educational Concepts: Eurythmy – Part 1?

The below article is provided for reference only and was discovered in a web archive. The authors of this site have no real knowldege or opinions on this subject so please come to your own conclusions. Eurythmy was started at the turn of this century by the Austrian philosopher, Rudolf Steiner. He was asked by […]

Studying Abroad – Choosing a School

The world has got much, much smaller in the last couple of decades especially if you’re looking at studying options.  In years gone by travelling and studying abroad was normally restricted to those who had significant financial means.  Nowadays students from all sorts of backgrounds are choosing to study all over the world.  Most Universities […]

Creating a Great Health Service isn’t Easy

To outsiders the US system of financing the State can be quite confusing. After all there’s few countries that can effectively come to a standstill so quickly as the USA. Usually the political brinkmanship doesn’t quite lead to a shutdown, but it’s often pretty close. This is the case especially when they’re are controversial issues […]

Bitcoin Questions in Dutch Examinations

It’s a common discussion among professional educators – how to make your subject up to date and relevant to the modern world. After all there’s nothing to sound the death knell of learning than hearing students suggest that your subject is out of date or ‘pointless’. For some subjects it’s relatively simple to bring them […]

Growth of the Hi-Tech Classroom

For my generation the amount of technology in our classrooms was fairly limited. During my time, we did see the initial phases and in the UK that was mainly revolved around the installation of some BBC Micro computers. Unfortunately the number of teachers who knew how to use these at even a very basic level […]

Group Learning Techniques

We’re all different but the stereotypical view of study is usually a very solitary one. The lonely student on their own in a library among a pile of books, it’s what we expect to some extent when becoming a student. However for many this is not an efficient way of studying and one that they […]