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Growth of the Hi-Tech Classroom

For my generation the amount of technology in our classrooms was fairly limited. During my time, we did see the initial phases and in the UK that was mainly revolved around the installation of some BBC Micro computers. Unfortunately the number of teachers who knew how to use these at even a very basic level […]

Group Learning Techniques

We’re all different but the stereotypical view of study is usually a very solitary one. The lonely student on their own in a library among a pile of books, it’s what we expect to some extent when becoming a student. However for many this is not an efficient way of studying and one that they […]

The Development of Distance Learning Methods

The improvement of science and technological advancement has revolutionized communication. This has facilitated the growth and growth of online instruction by way of which various online educational facilities offer virtual learning environments for your pupils to study and also offer online levels. In this example it is vital to remember that one has to be […]

Learning A Foreign Language

Being fluent in another language provides opportunities and benefits. Learning a second language can be both thrilling and beneficial for all ages. It provides practical, intellectual and several aspirational benefits. In the world today, there’s over 7000 languages and even if you just learn one extra it will assist you in life massively. It’s never […]

Learning about the Montessori Method

How we educate our children has always been an emotive subject with wide opinions across the educational spectrum. Of course, there’s never likely to be a definitive way and certainly some children respond differently to different approaches. However if you have the resources there’s no reason why you cannot choose the method that you think […]

Poor Life Skills in UK Adults

Last year the UK Government commissioned a pretty big survey called Skills for Life. The survey covered the two important skills that adults need – language and numeracy. The findings were pretty surprising and quite worrying for a modern nation.   After all we’re increasingly hearing about how humans will be not needed in the […]

Yes, Literacy Can Be Fun

Now I don’t know about your kids but mine learn a lot better with a little fun included. This is one of the real problems I’ve found with teaching my children to read, until they get to a certain stage the available books are just too dull for words. However fortunately we live in a […]

How to Home School Effectively

There are lots of reasons that people consider teaching their kids from home instead of sending them to school. Most countries will allow this, but obviously it is a big commitment and requires a lot of dedication and effort. Over the last few years homeschooling has exploded in popularity. Not too long ago, it was […]

Is eLearning for Everyone?

Education is changing, and at a speed that can sometimes seem a little bewildering.   The electronic age has brought many changes to the way we live and the way we learn is changing too. Some people resist it, but eLearning is without doubt the way of the future. Not everyone has access to the […]

Does Alcohol Reduce Dementia Risk

We’ve often seen studies that suggest moderate alcohol intake can actually be good for you. The problem is that these studies are often fairly small and then will be seized on by the media to splash across their front pages. After all it’s we like headlines like this –  alcohol makes you live longer, donuts […]